#CleanUpBlackpool – HLS Cleaning is aiming to support and assist numerous local initiatives to #CleanForTheQueen

After attending today’s BBLG meeting it was apparent that there are various companies, organisations and initiatives who have the same aims and values as HLS Cleaning.

HLS Cleaning are a residential, commercial and industrial specialist cleaning company. We also live and work predominantly within Blackpool and the Fylde and pride ourselves on supporting the local economy by firstly locating our business here and secondly by employing Blackpool based cleaning and maintenance technicians (who just happen to be skilled in numerous trades).

A wonderful presentation by Richard McIlwain of ‘Keep Britain Tidy‘ reinforced the notion that a #CleanUpBlackpool campaign is necessary to support the town’s economy, health and reputation.

#CleanUpBlackpool - HLS Cleaning are in full support of the #CleanForTheClean initiative.

It is our intention to support and reinforce this movement #CleanForTheQueen; HLS Cleaning has the expertise and resources to make a difference.

We are specialist providers of Pressure Washing services; this involves street cleaning, car park cleaning, graffiti removal and chewing gum removal to name a few. Our skilled technicians also provide cleaning at height through rope access and / or powered access methods; this enables us to clean the full externals of any building efficiently and economically.

Additionally we also provide a pest control (Bird Control) service; providing the installation of bird netting, bird spikes and the professional cleaning of guano. For those that live in Blackppol or have visited the town you will realise that due to the seaside location, birds such as pigeons and seagulls can and do create a hygiene problem for both business premises (where birds roost on and in roofs) and residential areas.

HLS Cleaning undertake pressure Washing at Manchester Royal Infirmary HLS Cleaning provide bird control services; installation of bird netting, bird spikes and the professional cleaning of bird guano. HLS Cleaning - Before and After this block paved driveway was professionally cleaned using Pressure Washing.

Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us for further information about the professional cleaning services that we can provide.